Why Choose Us?

We Deliver Results

Instead of relying on a partner program that’s weighs in on payments as the “service”, we’re changing the the outlook and the definition of what “service” really is. Future-proof your solutions and lifetime residual with a true partner like Swipe Connect, your trusted sidekick in the payments revolution.

We are the industry’s most transparent, highly respected and innovative payment enablers. Our relationships speak for themselves from our diversified product and service portfolio to our financial relationships, our partner program represents the future of payments and the demands within our enterprise. Let us help you power your success.

Best-In-Class Benefits

Fast Merchant Sign-Up & Approvals
Approve and enroll merchants faster than ever with our rapid online enrollment process.

Online Sales Partner Portal
Robust online resources such as marketing, sales trainings and reporting tools designed to give you control of your business.

Award Winning Support
No one else in the industry provides a support structure like us. From sales, to operations, to integrations, our highly responsive managers are dedicated to you.

Innovative Product & Service Suite
Amplify your profitability by selling the newest POS solutions, wireless solutions, ATMs merchant cash advances and more.

Four Processing Platforms
With access to more platforms, you can open more doors and close more sales. You never have to walk away from a deal. Any size, industry, or risk.

Underwriting & Risk Management
Our underwriting and risk technology is second to none. Have us assume the risk for your merchant accounts so you can focus on what is important to your business.

The Blueprint For Sales Success
Become a top performer with instant credibility. All the tools at your fingertips: success roadmap, marketing tools, trainings /ongoing education, and your dedicated channel manager.

Industry Leading Compensation
Enjoy the highest payouts splits, bonuses, and wholesale buy rates. All paid accurately and on time. We tailor every deal to suit your needs.